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Help Us Build a Home!

Please help Plus 1 Fitness acquire and furnish an indoor training facility and clubhouse where members can learn about fitness and nutrition, how to set goals, rebuild relationships and help each other sustain sobriety.

These funds will be used to buy or lease a space that is in a centralized CNY location to make it convenient for our members. It will need to be on a bus line for members who do not have transportation. Then, we will need to furnish the space with weights, racks, workout matts, dumb bells, kettle bells, etc.  

Is this a lofty goal? Frankly, yes! But, other communities have done this with tremendous success. With your help we can do the same. We can make the Plus 1 Fitness Clubhouse a Central New York reality. 

With your help, we can shed the stigma and show our community that hope is not lost - Recovery is possible. With your help, we can show Central New York that,  "Together, we are stronger."

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